Millions of people own a website to help with their online lead generation.

However, while some are capable of using their website to attract new clients and generate leads, others struggle to engage their visitors or encourage visitors to get in touch. This article will explain what you need to do to give your website the edge over your competitors and get the inquiries coming in.

Lead generation tip #1: Use appropriate and engaging headlines

Your page’s headline will be the first thing your visitors notices, so it needs to be strong and it has to accurately represent the content; too many people depend on click-bait style headlines these days, which entice the visitor to click, but often the content does not deliver.

To avoid disappointing your visitor, or leaving them feel like they have been misled, make sure the headline is accurate.


Compelling headlines v2

Lead generation tip #2: Choose compelling images

Using images along with your written content is an excellent way of adding extra interest to your website. A well-chosen image can serve as an introduction to your subject, or it can help to clarify the points you are trying to make. Moreover, a good image can increase the chances of the content being shared on social media.

In addition, images are extremely beneficial for conveying emotion, which will help to promote better engagement when a visitor comes to your site.

Lead generation tip #3: Make content easy to read

If you’ve ever visited a website that is packed full of information, it is likely you will find it difficult to locate the essential details. With the fast-paced lifestyle many people live these days, visitors to a website expect to find information quickly, and to be able to absorb the details in the shortest time possible.

In order to achieve this, don’t be afraid to make use of white space, and use bold and italic fonts to draw the eye; get the most important aspects of your copy noticed with bullet points.

Lead generation tip #4: Use testimonials to build your credibility

Testimonials can be extremely effective in building consumer confidence so make sure there are plenty of these on your website. Some people elect to have an individual page for all of their testimonials, while others will include testimonials on all of the pages.

Whichever option you choose, make sure the testimonials are from genuine clients and that they don’t sound too much like a sales pitch, or you risk losing clients who don’t appreciate the hard sales approach.

It’s all about solving your clients’ problems

At the end of the day prospective clients, or leads, are visiting your website because they think you can help solve their problems.

Have copy that makes it obvious that what you do meets the needs of your clients and makes it easy for them to contact you. Do this and you will have not just leads, but quality leads, engaging with your website and bringing their business to you.


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