As a Brisbane virtual assistant, I provide professional proofreading and editing services to students, educators, self-publishers and professionals from my at home business. This means that the work that I do is done using primarily online tools and technologies. That is, I provide virtual proofreading and editing services.

How is virtual proofreading different?

As many small business owners will agree, the work/life balance that you achieve from being your own boss is, essentially, your own doing – you can choose to put in the bare minimum or (as I often find myself doing), you forgo your weekends and after-hours activities to ensure the needs of your clients are met.

I love providing virtual proofreading and editing services for my clients. I genuinely enjoy finding and fixing errors and inconsistencies. The hours I put in are more than in any other role I’ve undertaken. But, as with most passions in life, the rewards outweigh the negatives.

How can my virtual proofreading and editing services help you?

I work with students, educators, self-publishers and professionals in many ways.

As a university student, I recognise that you may have a limited income and a fast-approaching deadline. This means that you really don’t have the time to spend re-reading and re-writing your assignment, paper, thesis, or report for the hundredth time. You also don’t want to explain your university’s style guide to a third party. I will do all I can to work to your budget and meet your deadline.

As an educator, I imagine that you would rather focus your energies on creating meaningful and rich educational experiences for your learners. You may have the outline of a lecture ready to go but you don’t have the time to create the PowerPoint slides. You may have the PowerPoint slides ready to go but you don’t have the time to create the associated handout. You may have a template that you want your students to use that needs to be updated (and you only have hand-written notes). We’ve helped educators out in all these scenarios, so we know how to help you today.

As a professional or self-publisher you have a document that is close to your hear that requires virtual proofreading or editing. When I copy edit your document, I will read it and correct errors that affect its readability and clarity. I will track these changes in the Word file and make suggestions in the margin. When I proofread your document I will ensure that there are no errors before it is due to be published. Errors I look for will include spelling, punctuation, grammar and general formatting issues i.e. do your paragraphs run over the page; are all your headings in the correct place; etc).

Finding out more about our virtual proofreading and editing services

The easiest way to find out more is to read about the services we offer and to get in touch with us directly. This way we can discuss your project at length and I can provide you with a realistic quote and timeframes to suit your budget and due date.

Read more about my experience here before you decide to get in touch.