Virtual Storm provides professional proofreading and editing services to students, writers, and small business owners. Our proofreading service rates reflect our experience and professionalism within the writing sector, the word count of your document, and your ideal project completion time frames.

We have recently received some questions regarding our proofreading service rates and thought best to provide a small article outlining these.

Q: What are your proofreading service rates?

Our proofreading service rates depend on a number of factors:

  1. The genre of your document
  2. The length of your document
  3. Your project’s due date

Because we know that budgets can sometimes be tight, we offer a special rate for new clients:

Head over to our proofreading and editing for students page to find out more about the special offer we have at the moment for students.

If you are an author or writer and your draft manuscript is ready to be reviewed, check out the special we have at the moment to help you on your way to publishing your book.

Get in touch with me directly if you are a business owner looking for writing, editing or proofreading support. I have a special at the moment to help you jazz up an unloved blog, however my experience and services don’t end there. Contact me to discuss your specific needs.


Q: What does your proofreading service include?

Regardless of your background (student, writer, or business owner) our professional proofreading service rate includes reviewing your document for:

  • Spelling – this will comply with your country of residence spelling rules i.e. Australian versus American spelling and will be consistent throughout your document.
  • Grammar – typical grammar mistakes include passive over active voice (although in most academic and bureaucratic documents, passive voice is preferred) and errors in parts of speech choices.
  • Punctuation – includes checking and ensuring consistency when using apostrophes, colons, commas, dashes, hyphens, speech marks, and of course full stops.

Depending on the nature of your document, an editorial style sheet will also be delivered with your reviewed project.

Q: What makes your proofreading services better than others?

This is a very good question from our clients and one that we are proud to answer confidently.

Virtual Storm not only has a ten-year-plus working background in marketing and communications, but she also has tertiary qualifications to back up her on-the job experience. With a BArts in Information Management, Communication and Language, Storm is extremely confident that she has both the experience and the skills to ensure that your writing shines. Furthermore, Storm holds a Post-graduate Diploma in Education (Primary) which means that she is perfectly placed to provide education and training in her expert field.

Not only does Storm know what she know, but she also teaches what she knows. Perfect!

You can read more on Storm’s LinkedIn profile.