Proofreading and editing services for students and academics

Assignments, Journal Articles, PhDs, Papers, Reviews, Submissions

Is it imperative that your document is free from errors?

Are you submitting your work online or for peer review?

Do you want to ensure that your writing is clear and concise?

Virtual Storm works with university and higher-education students professors, lecturers, and academics to ensure that their tertiary-level documents are free from errors, formatted accurately, and ready for submission or publication.

Having worked with representatives from many of the leading universities and higher education facilities in Australia, Virtual Storm has experience proofreading and editing assignments, papers, journal articles, PhDs, submissions and reviews.

Time and budget are two constraints facing students and academics and Virtual Storm aims to ensure both are met when it comes to providing you with professional proofreading and editing services.

Why use a proofreader or editor?

Having a professional review your document means that you can be sure errors will be found and fixed. Your document will be formatted correctly to meet your required style guidelines including requirements for referencing, title pages, tables of content, footnotes, tables, and bibliographies.

Having your document professionally proofread means that it will:

  • Contain no spelling errors.
  • Be grammatically correct.
  • Contain appropriate formatting and punctuation.

Editing your document will provide an opportunity for a professional to ascertain whether your document is clear, concise, readable, uses correct sentence structure, and is consistent across all writing rules, particularly in regards to your university style guidelines.

Edits are made during the review process and provided as marked-up changes in Word. This allows for transparency and you can accept or decline edits as you see fit.

“I would like to formally thank you for your assistance recently …  and am very pleased with the results. The project required advanced documentation skills, meeting tight deadlines and for the content to remain confidential. On all accounts I couldn’t be happier. I would recommend your expertise (and the whole VA experience) to anybody needing to delegate work and/or fill a gap in their own skill sets.”

Julie Knutsen

Lecturer, Griffith University, Queensland, Australia

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