These proofreader hints and tips are designed to help you save time.

As a small business owner I have had to really focus on my strengths in order to ensure that I produce the best outcome for my clients. I have met quite a few small business owners and most start off thinking that a ‘jack of all trades’ concept works the best – of course it sounds simple – if you can do A LOT of things then surely you will have A LOT of clients. My experience says otherwise.

How I became a proofreader

To ensure that I attract the right clients and can undertake what I do at an exceptional and professional level, I have had to focus on what I can do best. And what I love to do – let’s face it, when you start your own business you don’t have set hours; you can find yourself up at all times of the day and night; so you need to love what you do. And I love being a proofreader and editor.

With a background in marketing and communications I found that producing content was often the most time consuming part of my job. Putting on my proofreader and editor cap was much more enjoyable. I can spot an inconsistency a mile away. Spelling error? Done and dusted! Yes, of course something will slip through – but when I re-read over and over, I usually find all the errors, and that makes me smile.

So, essentially, I became a proofreader the long way – I have 10+ years of marketing and communication under my belt, coupled with 3+ years of being a primary school teacher and here I am – running my own business. It’s great when you find your niche.

Proofreader hints and tips to help you save time

Of course, as with most things, sometimes you feel you can do a better job than a professional – especially if you are on a budget. Fair enough and fair play to you. Here are a couple of hints and tips to help you get started.

  1. Read through the text in it’s entirety
  2. Go back to the start and read each sentence – edit as you go
  3. Re-read the text again looking for errors in your grammar, spelling and punctuation

How a proofreader can help you

This may sound simple, but if you have a paper or a book that is thousands of words long and you have been working entirely on this document, you might find that a fresh pair of eyes will be beneficial. Trust me, it will! Read on to find out how a proofreader can help you today.

And if you’re after more tips, here are some that will save you money.