If you’re looking for someone to provide you with professional editing services, sometimes it can be difficult to know where to start. Obviously opening Google is the first step; but then what?

Using a VA to help with professional editing services

What is a VA? A VA, or Virtual Assistant, provides professional business support services usually from their at-home office. They use online tools and technologies in order to undertake their role and keep in touch. They are professionals who are experts in their field. They really need to be to be able to compete in this ever-growing market. They are also whizzes on a computer. Or laptop. Or any device really.

So, how can a VA help you with your professional editing services? Here are the questions I ask a potential client:

  1. What is your due date (time management is important to our clients)?
  2. How many words is your assignment/paper?
  3. Do you want it proofread only (a spelling, grammar, and punctuation check)? How about editing (checking readability and sentence structure)? Thought about formatting (do you need specific margins, font type, font size etc)?

Once I know these three basic things then I can determine a rate for you and we can go from there. If the rate doesn’t suit you then we can negotiate. Running your own VA business means that if you can afford to be flexible, then you can. Simple.

Why would you use professional editing services?

Focus on your industry, your passion, your expertise and let us focus on ours – proofreading, editing and formatting.

If you had more time to work on your paper from a research perspective then why wouldn’t you?

If you could reduce your stress and anxiety as that due date looms, then why wouldn’t you?

If you could rely on us to make your work shine, then why wouldn’t you?