Using an ebook proofreader has become more relevant with the increase in popularity of self-publishing ebooks. Of course writing a book still takes time and dedication, but when you are in a position to start down the publishing road, you no longer need to hire a third party publisher (unless of course, you wish to), you really can undertake the process yourself.

A quick Google will find you a number of self-help articles on how to self-publish, some with images, which is always helpful (?!) and insightful. So why then, if self-publishing is so “easy”, would you work with an ebook proofreader and editor?

Why use an ebook proofreader?

As a  professional writer or author, your role is to develop the concept and content that will eventually take on the shape of your novel, short story, guide, or possibly ebook. This role is no doubt challenging. The last thing that you want are spelling mistakes in your short story or a story line that doesn’t flow in your three-part novel to ruin your reputation.

Using a professional ebook proofreader and editor will mean that your content:

  • Is free from grammatical and spelling errors
  • Formatted to suit your online self-publishing requirements
  • Flows and reads well

We also find that our clients appreciate having a professional proofread and edit their content with an objective viewpoint. Never underestimate a fresh pair of eyes.

Using a professional to manage the ebook self-publishing process

Here at Virtual Storm we have supported self-publishers through the whole process from providing ebook proofreader and editorial services to managing their online account (CreateSpace  through Amazon and Smashwords) and finalising the electronic and print production processes.