I attended the Key Person of Influence Accelerator program in Brisbane this month and was blown away by the presenters and the KPI Five Step program. Highly recommend going along to a session if you see one in your town.

My mind was buzzing with ideas coming out of the session and I realised that I have yet share a fraction of what I have to offer with my clients.

So here’s another gem – ebook marketing activities guaranteed to get your ebook noticed.

Ebook self-publishing overview

A bit about ebook self-publishing before I get started; it sounds daunting, but the process is very simple. The hardest thing (I think) about the ebook self-publishing process is coming up with a great topic to write about.

You don’t need to be a wordsmith to write an ebook, you just need to be disciplined (try writing 1000 words a day and within a month you’ll have the content of your ebook!). Your copy editor and proofreader will help craft your content ready to be published.

Once you have your content, the self-publishing process is a breeze, literally! Have a look at Smashwords, CreateSpace and LuLu to give you ideas. Or of course you can outsource this step and save yourself time and stress.

Once you’ve published your ebook online, follow these ebook marketing activities to get your ebook noticed.

Ebook marketing activity #1: Give it away

Giving your ebook away for free (for a limited time) really is the best way to get it noticed initially. You can do this by:

  • Sending it to your closest 20 friends and have them forward it to their friends and so on.
  • Emailing your list (pays to continually build your email database).
  • Add a link on your email auto-signature.
  • Post links on your social media pages including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ (these are perfect because they allow sharing therefore increasing your ebook exposure).

Ebook marketing activity #2: Get reviewed

Free and paid reviews will help to get new authors noticed, fast.

For free reviews, I suggest joining a few LinkedIn groups for writers, authors and novelists and swapping ebooks and online reviews. You can also join ebook review websites such as GoodReads and IndieReader, both of which offer free author programs designed to get your ebook noticed.

For paid reviews, try Kirkus Reviews (more costly reviews, starting around $400) and BookRooster (a bit more budget-friendly, starting around $60).

Ebook marketing activity #3: Go online

Of course your ebook is going to be available online, so it makes sense that you use your online profile to market your book. You can do so by creating a:

  • Google Blog Search to find blogs that are about your topic. Contact these blogs and provide free guest blog articles that reference you and your ebook.
  • Google Alert that lets you know who is talking about your topic. Visit their sites and create a connection to get your ebook noticed; or use these articles as leverage for why your ebook is so on topic.
  • Video about your ebook and publish it to YouTube.
  • Landing page on your website that contains all the information about your ebook, reviews, links to articles, and the ability to purchase there and then.

Final ebook marketing thoughts

Writing and marketing your ebook will take time and dedication. Developing an ebook marketing plan will give you a holistic view as to how you’re going to get your ebook noticed. Work with a virtual professional to outsource the steps within your ebook marketing plan and you will find the process a whole lot easier. Guaranteed.