Have you heard that sales funnels are the new black (well maybe not “new”, but definitely on-trend) in online marketing at the moment. Why? Because they work. And they work very well if you’re selling something to your target audience that they actually want – always a bonus. In this article, I’m going to share how to create a landing page for the first step of your sales funnel – your lead magnet.

TL;DR – headlines are important; images of the product are great; speak to the emotional benefits of your product; make it easy and compelling for your customers to opt-in.

Here for the long read? Let me elaborate!

There are lots of landing pages out there in online marketing world and for the purposes of this article, I’m going to focus on creating copy for your lead magnet landing page; the very first step in your three-part sales funnel. If you’re new to sales funnels, then hop online and do some research, there’s a tonne of stuff out there. Can’t be bothered Googling? Here’s a good post from LeadPages and here’s an even better one from Ryan Deiss over at Digital Marketer (I have no affiliation with either of these organisations, I just like their content).

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Draw Your Audience To Your Landing Page With An Emotive Heading That Promises The World

To get your ideal heading you should think about what you’re offering as your lead magnet.

Your lead magnet needs to answer one problem and be high value. If you’re selling a product on how to produce more honey from bees, then focus on that; don’t focus on the history of bees, the migration of bees, different species of bees, why bees are so important to our ecosystems. Focus on exactly how to get bees to produce honey. Maybe you’re looking at producing delicious honey. Or maybe you’re looking at producing more honey. Stick to one and go for it. Side note: the author doesn’t really fancy honey, so this is purely an example!

So, we’re giving away tips on how to produce honey. Our headline needs to speak to this and be compelling.

The number 1 thing you need to do to get your bees to produce more honey.

Need honey? Here’s how to get your bees to produce more of it, and fast!

This one simple secret will maximise your honey production.

Elaborate On Your Landing Page Heading With A Sub-Heading (Duh!)

Your sub-heading is going to bring in more of those emotive benefits about the free product and it’s going to expand on your already awesome heading.

Let’s continue with our honey example. We’re giving our target market (beekeepers) solid gold information on how to get their bees to produce more honey. In order to compel a beekeeper to click on our download and give us their email address we need to speak to their emotions. So we need to know the emotional factors that affect their livelihood. Here are some:

  • Beehive set up is initially hard work
  • Beekeeping also involves knowing a lot about the biology of bees
  • Beekeeping requires predicting problems before they occur
  • Producing honey is as much about the weather as it is about knowing the difference between honey bees and other bees
  • Beekeeping is an investment in time and patience

I have no doubt that the list can go on and on but these are just a few factors that we can use when we create our sub-heading (and the rest of our emotive copy for the landing page):

Have you spent months setting up your hive and now you’re finding your honey bees aren’t producing enough honey? Did you spend hours learning the biology of bees so that your hives only housed honey bees and not wasps? Do you spend every day predicting the weather so you can help your bees produce? Don’t let all your time, effort, and energy in setting up your honey production go to waste because you’re missing this one simple way to make your bees produce more honey. It’s an important step that we find most beekeepers usually miss when they set up their hives.

Add Some Eye Candy To Your Landing Page Content

We’ve got our heading and sub-heading down and we’re speaking to the emotions of our target audience. Now it’s time to work on some imagery for the landing page. Because, as we all know, a picture paints a thousand words!

The ultimate and by far the best image to have on your landing page is an image of the free product that you’re giving away. Obviously they’re not going to receive a hard-copy, beautifully-bound and well-presented book in the post in a day or two. They’re probably going to receive a PDF or even a Word document if you’re that way inclined. However, online marketing science (or consumer research, whichever you prefer) shows us that when potential buyers see a physical product they are more likely to consume it.

So partner with a graphics designer, create something in Canva, or hop onto Fiverr and purchase a gig to get a mock-up of what your free download might look like if it was a beautifully bound book that your audience would receive in the post.

Hint: your PDFed or Worded or PowerPointed version of this doesn’t actually have to be desktop published.

Now, Let’s Move Onto The Actual Free Download On Your Landing Page

This part of your landing page is pretty simple and not much science is going to go into it (gosh, isn’t science the best!). You’re simply going to put in the title of your free download, report, or tool that your lead is going to receive when they give you their email address.

And you know what? We’ve already come up with it because it’s the same as the heading of the page. Easy.

Continuing with our awesome honey production example, we’re going to go with:

This one simple secret will maximise your honey production.

Here Comes The Juicy Part Of The Landing Page (If You’re Into Words And Not Images)

The biggest tip I can give you for this copy is to use dot points and short sentences. People are busy. Very busy. And they consume a lot of information throughout the course of their time online. And if they’re on their mobiles, which stats tell us they most likely are, then they’re going to be scrolling through and scanning the copy, while drinking a latte or walking their dog.

So, speak to your target market’s emotions and solve their problem for them, and fast. The information you provide in the dot point copy is going to be a snap shot summary of what the lead will find when they get their free download. Don’t give them the gold before they give you their email address.

Let’s continue with our honey example and use the emotional factors we came up with earlier in the piece as a basis for the copy:

  • If you’ve set up your beehive already, then you’ve committed to business of producing honey. Which is great! But don’t let this hard work go to waste. You can easily implement this simple secret and will see honey production grow quickly.

  • As a beekeeper (new or established) you probably know a lot about the biology of bees and have spent precious time and brain cells learning this information. Unfortunately, you’re probably going to kick yourself when we give you the simply secret to getting more honey from your bees. But it will be worth it!

  • You know a lot already about the process of producing honey and you’re probably a pro about the weather forecast for your local area. You know about mites and how they can affect honey production. But this simple secret goes beyond weather and other environmental factors.

Try to stick to the rule of three and use bolding to draw your readers’ eye.

Let’s Get Your Leads’ Information Now That They’ve Come This Far Down Your Landing Page

Here’s where it all pays off. Make it easy and obvious for your prospective to input their information so that they can receive their free download.

If you’re using a web designer, work with them to configure the form and consider using at a minimum the leads’ name and email address. They’re not likely to hand over their phone number so if you don’t need it, don’t ask for it.

Use a big, bright, and shiny DOWNLOAD NOW button to also grab their attention.

Add Some Copy To The Landing Page To Establish Yourself As A Leader Or Expert In The Industry

Make your credibility heard loud by including some background information about your business to demonstrate to your audience that you’re a real organisation that cares about the services or products that you offer. Include links to your website and social media profiles (so your leads can stalk you out online). Buyers shop around before they purchase, so you’ll want to make sure that your social media profiles are all up to date and you’ve got some reviews on hand.

An alternative can be adding testimonials or reviews to the bottom of the landing page about your services or products. This will go towards increasing buy-in from your leads so they are more likely to click that shiny download button. Aim for about 3-5 testimonials or reviews or even links to LinkedIn where leads can scope you out online even more.

Some Online Marketing Gold To Takeaway With You

So that’s about it for your landing page copy. Some other pointers to take away with you:

  • Try and keep everything to one page so that your visitors don’t have to scroll to find the ‘download now’ button.
  • Keep the landing page separate from your hierarchy in your website. Basically do don’t add it to the menu.
  • Don’t add your logo at the top and make sure you put a copyright at the bottom.

What you’ll want to do from here on is build in the rest of the copy for your funnel:

  • A ‘thank-you your free download is on its way’ page that doubles as an upsell page to your next offer (which is usually a small dollar value.
  • Then the ‘thank-you your purchase is on its way’ page that doubles as the final upsell page (where you hit your buyers with your premium offer)

Some tips about creating this content will come shortly when I finalise the copy.

In the meantime, as a thank you for reading this far, click here for a free landing page template to get your funnel up and running.

Thoughts, Questions, Or Anything Else?

Do you have any other components to your landing page that you use that I may have missed out of this article? Let me know and we can chit chat about it 🙂


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