I”ve written a blog post about professional proofreading services, but I”d like to move onto the subject of copy editing services. I provide such services for self-publishers and professionals, a group which I thoroughly enjoy working with.

What are copy editing services?

With a background in marketing and communications, I found myself writing a lot of content during each of my working days. I would produce new content and edit already-written content. I found that much preferred editing content because it meant that I could use that part of my brain that liked seeking out errors and correcting them.

So what are copy editing services? They are specialist services that an editor provides when they read  and edit content (or copy) to ensure that it meets writing styles and rules. Such rules can include the obvious – punctuation, capitalisation, spelling, grammatical – and the not so obvious – noun-verb agreements, active versus passive voice, and sentence fragments.

Who uses copy editing services?

Virtual Storm works with a range of professionals to provide copy editing services, including:

  • Educators – lecturers, professors, tutors
  • Students – university undergraduates and postgraduates
  • Professionals – small and medium business owners (when writing newsletters, plans, website content)
  • Self-publishers – ebook fiction and non-fiction writers

Essentially, if you find you are producing either a large document or a number of smaller documents that make up pack of documents, then you might find copy editing services useful (and necessary). Any document that requires consistency, clarity and readability should probably be reviewed by more than one person – and that second pair of fresh, professional eyes could very well be ours.