Being a virtual assistant means that I run my business from my at-home office. I’m based in beautiful Brisbane and love that I get to work from home four out of five days a week (Monday is my quality time day that I spend with my two year old son – why give this up if I don’t have to?!).

What it means to be a Brisbane virtual assistant

Running my Brisbane virtual assistant business from home means that I am responsible for all my:

  • Administration activities (setting up my business processes, purchasing goods required to run my business, answering my mobile every time I have a new inquiry, responding to emails)
  • Marketing activities (creating regular email campaigns to connect with my clients, designing and building and maintaining my own website)
  • Bookkeeping activities (making sure that I track my expenditure and income so that come this time next year my budget is legible and ready for tax time)

And along with these activities, I also provide proofreading and editing services to my clients. So, I find that I am very busy each and every day.

Why work with a Brisbane virtual assistant?

So, really, it doesn’t matter that I’m based in Brisbane (but sometimes it’s nice to know!), but what does matter is that I am a professional who can provide services to you to alleviate your stress load, allowing you to focus on your core business.

My clients are students, academics, self-publishers and professionals, so their core business differ dramatically. I have a large network of other VAs whose clients are small business owners, health practitioners, marketing and sales professionals, artists – the list really is endless.

If you find that you are also performing the tasks that I have to perform everyday to manage my small business and doing these tasks is proving timely and inefficient in terms of your core business, then please, please – do yourself a favour and consider hiring a VA!

Head over to VA Placements who provide the only personal recruitment service in the VA industry – they will take your brief and match you to your perfect VA. I am a member of the VA Placements network and couldn’t recommend them more.