Virtual Storm business owner Storm McManus

“Virtual Storm manages my blog, has edited my book and generally provides me with a fantastic service. If you are looking for someone who is a professional virtual assistant with advanced skills then you can’t possibly go past Storm. Thanks for all your support Storm.”

Liz Parker

CEO, VA Placements

Put simply: I create and correct content

I am a communications expert who specialises in writing and editing copy, mostly for the web and online marketing, but also for old-fashioned print to help out students, academics and businesses (who may not have a need for online writing services).

I launched Virtual Storm in 2012 to provide professional writing services to university students, educators, professionals, and writers. I had spent over ten years in the writing and communications industry and had worked in both the private and public sectors. I had worked abroad in the UK as well as at home in Brisbane. I also gained a Post-Graduate degree in Education and taught for a few years.

It was after experiencing working life in different sectors that I decided I wanted to take my passion in-house and find a balance and a work environment that suited both myself and my family.

Since launching Virtual Storm I have worked to create and correct content for manuscripts, PhDs, assignments, blogs and articles, websites, and a range of business correspondence. I have built websites from scratch and written all content. I have undertaken and provided advice and support on online marketing techniques (including search engine and keyword optimisation, along with social media support). I have edited large annual reports through to smaller (but just as equally important) sales material for brochures. I provide clarity for business owners and consistency for students. I have written speakers notes (and spoke to these) for online learning courses. I’ve delivered a few webinars on what I do, which was both daunting and exhilarating at the same time. Advice: online speaking is far, far more difficult than speaking face-to-face to a large forum!

I’m based in the southern suburbs of sunny Brisbane, Queensland. Really though, because I provide my services globally, it doesn’t matter where I’m located, but isn’t it nice to know?

Pay for service

Here’s a great idea – only pay for my service, not my overheads, my leave, or my superannuation! You can do that because I run my business from my home so really, you pay for my time and my expertise. Simple. Easy. Perfect.

Focus on your passion

We’re all good at something. I’m good at writing and marketing. You’re good at what you do. Focus on that – your industry, your passion, your expertise and let me focus on writing about – well – you!

Here's how it works

When we work together we’ll probably talk a bit about you and your business and we might swap some documents. But your IP is yours and your confidentiality is mine to keep. Always.

Coffee is important

I literally love what I do. Not as much as I love my kids, but a little bit more than I love coffee. Maybe we’ll meet for a coffee one day, or maybe we’ll do all we need to do over the phone or computer. The internet is cool like that.

“I needed some blog posts to boost my website content, however the problem is I really struggle to put pen to paper. Storm helped me right from the start. She brainstormed topics within my business’ scope (IT), performed thorough research, and delivered solid work FIRST TIME. No revisions were needed and the price was spot on. Definitely recommended!”

Adam Dodds

Director, Itopia

“Storm McManus and the service provided by Virtual Storm are second to none. I had two very content  heavy and complex stakeholder research reports proofed and edited  by Storm. She went through everything with a fine tooth comb including references. She ensured there was absolutely nothing left in those documents but sound, grammatically correct content and 100% mistake free formatting, typing and layout. Attention to detail – outstanding; turnaround time – mind boggling, the best I  have used. A true professional and partner in this project. Thank you Storm! This was a weight off  my mind.”

Samone McCurdy

Lecturer & Social Researcher, Monash University

Have 20 minutes to kill?

I was interviewed by Susan Wilkin from Adminaholics on behalf of VAs Unplugged recently and shared my story of how I have grown my business over the past 5 years. If you have 20 minutes to kill (or even if you don’t!) check it out below for some proper online stalking: