If you’re in business (particularly an IT-type business or are social media savvy) then you will know that blogging will get you love from Google. If you’re not an IT-type business and you have a website and someone once told you that blogging is super important, but, secretly, you aren’t exactly sure why – then read on, fine friend.

Our main take-away: authentic blogging equals business growth.

There, that’s our most important reason for why every business should be blogging – it generates business. It’s really that simple.

Here’s this blog in a short video to save you time if you don’t have it to spare:

Got time for the details? Read on!

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#1 – Blogging Gets You Traffic

In the online world, traffic is your friend. Ultimately you want to grow your list of prospects so that you can sell to them. Maybe once. Maybe over and over again. Regardless, you will want to get traffic. And a sure-fire way of getting traffic that you don’t have to pay for is by blogging and sharing your blog posts with your online audience. Your blogs do need to follow some SEO rules, they need to engage, and they need to be consistent, but once you set up a content management program, you’ll start to see traffic come in droves.

#2 – Blogging Demonstrates Your Authority

When you build an online business you’re not just competing with other local businesses; you’re competing with a global village. And you need to stand out. There of course a number of ways you can do this and your brand is everything (so spend some time working on this). One way that blogging can help you is by building your authority regardless of your expertise. Write about what you know and write about it often and you will start to see your authority soar.

#3 – Blogging Shows A More Personable Side To Your Product

If you blog authentically (even about boring business-type stuff) you get to show off your other side. Your non-business side. Here’s a free piece of advice for novice business owners – people will only buy from you once you build a relationship with them. So start to show your market your more personable side, tell a joke, or share a relatable story. Build that relationship from the get go. It’s a bit like dating. You don’t marry someone on the first date, do you? No, you wine and dine them, you give them attention, you buy them expeno gifts, and then you pop the question 🙂

#4 – Blogging Keeps Your Head In The Game

Good business owners are involved in every aspect of their business. Whether it’s by talking to their customers, researching online, speaking to colleagues, or going to networking events. They know their business, they know their product, and they know their industry. So what can you do with all this knowledge getting about in your head? You blog about it and you keep your head in the game by constantly reminding yourself and your target market just why you do what you do!

If It’s So Good For Business, Then Why Is Blogging So Boring?!

When it’s not your passion, writing can be downright painful, I completely get it. However in this online world, content is, as we all know, king. It’s going to do so much for your business. Yes, content isn’t what it used to be, it’s evolving, fast. But we still need it – whether you’re tweeting, snapchatting, facebooking, instagramming, or anything in between, you need to generate content and you need to get it noticed.

If you’re not in the position to be able to pay for Google Adwords or Facebook advertising, then your best option is to blog authentically and share those blog posts on your social media sites. That’s what it comes down to. Yes there are some other marketing tricks that you can do but really, if it’s just you, sitting at home on your couch in your PJs, then start typing away and sharing.

And if you keep plugging away at it in 3-6 months you’ll start to see your traffic grow. All you need to give it is time.

If you need a hand or some other advice about getting your content noticed, then give me a shout.


Storm from Virtual Storm is a writer who likes to write by the rules. Finding and fixing errors makes her quite happy. So does chocolate, red wine and a good romcom. She also quite likes playing team sports. It brings out the best in her bossy nature. Read up on her here.